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Combat Paramedic Jobs Adelaide Australian Army Reserve

Attention: Paramedics Wanted Combat Paramedic Jobs Adelaide Australian Army Reserve There's no better way to honor and serve your country than by joining the military. Australia's Defence Force is currently seeking Combat Paramedics. In the Army Reserve, you'll be trained to expand your paramedic capabilities far beyond your civilian work. Your skills and resourcefulness will be tested as you provide: pre-hospital emergency care resuscitation evacuation coordination, and primary health care...

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Part Time Combat Paramedic Job Australian Army

Combat paramedic job - Australian Army Reserve - Part-time Combat Paramedics Combat paramedics play one of the most important rolls in the ADF. They deliver pre-hospital emergency care, resuscitation, evacuation coordination, and primary health care when necessary anywhere from an Army exercise interstate to operations overseas. Successful applicants acquire plenty of knowledge to take back to your day job. Location: Training in Wagga Wagga. NSW Then postings to Army...

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