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HLT51015-Diploma of Paramedical Science

An exciting and fulfilling career as a paramedic awaits you.
  • Become a qualified first responder medic in 18-24 months
  • Study from the convenience of your own home
  • Nationally accredited training package HLT51015-Diploma of Paramedical Science
  • No prerequisites – join the course at any time, no matter what your experience
  • Flexible payment options to help spread the cost of your learning
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What to Expect From Your Paramedical Training


Learn to effectively manage life-threatening situations

With the HLT51015-Diploma of Paramedical Science you’ll learn the skills required to effectively manage life-threatening situations. As the highest level of education under the 3-year university degree, the HLT51015-Diploma of Paramedical Science takes you further than the HLT31115-Certificate III in Patient Transport and HLT41115- Certificate IV in Health Care and enables you to obtain a variety of  positions within the private sector health care industry.

This means you can find employment as a paramedic/medic in the industries such as mining, oil & gas, offshore rigs, sports events and public gatherings, maritime and a whole lot more.


Gain qualifications to get in to university

If you’re ready to dive in head first this Diploma of Paramedical Science will teach you everything you need to begin your rewarding career saving lives as a paramedic. This will give you fantastic leverage into the degree with recognised prior learning should you wish to further your career in paramedical science down the track.


Learning options to fit in with your current lifestyle

Studying this course means you don’t have to attend a physical location every day to study. This means no travel times, stressful traffic problems, parking fees and time away from your family and friends. Online study is the perfect, flexible learning options over an average study period of between 18-24 months. This design of the training course allows you to immerse yourself in paramedical study without having to completely change your lifestyle.


Face-to-face training for hands on clinical experience

A big part of your learning comes from experiencing the clinical workshops and assessments, where you get to put into practice the theory you’ve learned. As the Diploma qualification is highly-regarded qualification, there are three one week clinical workshops. It’s here you will meet other students and together work through exciting real-world  scenarios. There is also a requirement to complete 160 hours of clinical placement that can be completed with local event medic contractors, hospitals and medical suppliers to complete the qualification.


You’ll need to have an unrestricted Driver’s Licence plus Police Clearance and a Working with Children check.

What Can I Do With the HLT51015-Diploma of Paramedical Science?


This nationally accredited training course will open up many opportunities for you where over time you can develop a solid career within the Australian health care industry.


Job opportunities;

  • Event Medic at sporting and public events
  • Private sector mining, construction, manufacturing, hospitality industry medic
  • Industrial medic in the onshore and offshore oil & gas industry
  • Paramedic in the offshore shipping industry
  • Remote area paramedic
  • Emergency Response Officer at airports, transport and merchant navy
  • Emergency Services Officer at public events, outdoor and indoor concerts
  • State Emergency Services and other non-profit organisations volunteer


Click Here to view the current job opportunities for the HLT51015-Diploma of Paramedical Science qualification.

Will I Get Any Hands-on Experience?


Face- to-face and clinical placement

While rewarding, being a paramedic can be challenging. To ensure you feel confident to apply all that you’ve learned in potentially life-threatening situations, you are required to complete 160 hours of clinical work experience before you graduate. The placements, usually fit in with your course curriculum, in between clinical workshops.

There are many health care organisations who coordinate emergency services and health care staff for various events—from basic First Aid through to Intensive Care Paramedics. While clinical placement is not guaranteed by us, every effort is made to provide contacts in the industry where clinical placement is required.

How to get work straight away

If you have a current First Aid and CPR certificate you will find it easy to obtain voluntary work as a medic at festivals, concerts, sporting and other events.

What Do I learn at the Practical Workshop?


Put what you have learned in to practice

The three separate practical workshops that are part of the HLT51015-Diploma of Paramedic Science give you the opportunity to cement what you’ve learned from the online material with an expert clinical educator at a specially designed campus.  Collaborate with the other students who are learning the same material as you and begin the conversation about moving forward into the workforce.


Live scenario training

As well as some classroom lectures and demonstrations, you will participate in various scenarios that are designed to simulate what you experience in the field. The scenarios are very realistic, using the latest emergency response and ambulance equipment. There is also an ambulance simulator where you will be able to practice patient loading and unloading as part of your training.


Workshops across Australia

The practical workshops are held in NSW and the Gold Coast (with plans to develop more locations right across Australia) and you can choose whichever location suits you. The final clinical workshop and assessment week is held on the Gold Coast.

What’s in the HLT51015-Diploma of Paramedic Science Curriculum?


This qualification comprehensively covers how to manage all kinds of life-threatening situations that you face daily in your line of work. Your training and learning outcomes have been based on the unpredictability of the job, where you will never know what is about to happen – every single day of your career.


Course curriculum includes;

    • Advanced drug therapy protocols
    • IV Cannulation
    • Advanced airway management
    • Advanced ECG monitoring
    • Defibrillation
    • Identifying and controlling Workplace Health and Safety Risks
    • Communicating in complex or difficult situations
    • Designing and producing business documents
    • Follow procedures in life threatening situations
    • Working within a relevant legal and ethical framework

For full course details CLICK HERE to chat with one of the team

There Are No Entry Requirements For This Course