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Diploma of Paramedical Science

The Diploma of Paramedical Science is for those looking to take their career in healthcare to the next level. Within 12-18 months you will be a qualified first responder and able to work as a paramedic in the private sector.

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Course Description

Diploma of Paramedical Science (Ambulance) provides you with the skills required to effectively manage life-threatening situations. The course is predominatly delivered online over a period of 12-18 months and includes 3 single weeks of intensive practical training in Melbourne, Sydney or the Gold Coast. This advanced level course allows you to immerse yourself in study without having to completely change your lifestyle. Upon the completion of the Diploma of Paramedical Science (Ambulance), you will have the qualifications require to obtain a variety of high level positions within the health care industry.

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this course but you may qualify for an RPL based on previous tertiary study.

Career Opportunities

 On completion of the Diploma of Paramedical Science you will be qualified to work as:
*Event Medic at sporting and public events
*Paramedic/medic in mining, construction, manufacturing, hospitality, sports and tourism industries
*Industrial medic in onshore and offshore oil & gas industry
*Paramedic in the offshore shipping industry
*Remote area paramedic
*Emergency Response Officer at airports, transport organisations, merchant navy etc
*Emergency Services Officer at public events, outdoor and indoor concerts
*SES and other non-profit organisations voliunterr


Click Here to view the current job opportunities for this qualification. 

Work Experience

160 hours of clinical work experience in the field during your studies. There are many organisations who are accountable for providing staff for various events from basic First Aid to Intensive Care Paramedics. If you have a current First Aid and CPR certificate you can find voluntary work as a medic at festivals, concerts, sporting events and other events. We do not provide this or arrange these placements however we are able to assist in showing where you can obtain this work experience.

Practical Workshop

Three single week blocks of practical work is required for completion of the Diploma. These include 2 practical weeks including classroom work and scenerios plus the final assessment week.Practical workshops are held in either Melbourne, Sydney or the Gold Coast, Queensland. This is a great time for students to build relationships together and start the conversation around moving forward in to the workforce. Before attending the practical, you must complete the first 9 units from the Communications, Scene Management and Clinical modules.

Course Curriculum

During the Diploma of paramedical Science you will develop an advanced skill set including:

*Advanced drug therapy protocols (DTP’s)
*IV Cannulation
*Advanced airway management
*Advanced ECG monitoring
*plus more