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HLT31115 Certificate III in Non-emergency Patient Transport

What to expect from this training course

The Certificate III is the entry-level qualification into the health care industry,, providing you with essential knowledge required to start transporting non-critical patients. On any given day, you could be picking up a patient from home and taking them to a hospital or day surgery; and your next job could be assisting a patient who has collapsed at a sporting event and needs off-site medial attention; and even taking patients to a waiting aeroplane where they will be flown back to their home in a remote location.

This is the appeal of the patient transport sector. Every day is different from the next. You get to meet new and interesting people every day, travel to and from different locations and enjoy a varied working day to keep you interested and challenged.

The course is delivered for the most part online with a 3 day practical workshop. We also recommend you take the initiative and engage in voluntary work experience in patient transport before joining the workforce.

Whilst the Certificate III in Non-emergency Patient Transport doesn’t provide the same level of knowledge as the HLT41115-Certificate IV in Health Care  or the HLT51015-Diploma of Paramedic Science; what you will study will help you become good at your job as well as create the opportunity to advance your career in health care.

The HLT31115-Certificate III in Non-Emergency Patient Transfer can be completed in around 6-12 months if you apply yourself and follow the study program which will be provided to you.

Completing this nationally accredited course will allow you to confidently apply for these entry-level jobs within private sector health care:

  • Private Hospital Transport Officer
  • Patient Transport Officer (PTO)
  • Ambulance Attendant (may require the HLT51015-Diploma of Paramedic Science)
  • Ambulance Officer
  • Community Ambulance Volunteer

Click Here to view the current job opportunities for this qualification.

Hands On Experience?

Practical experience driving real patients around is not included in this short entry-level course. However, you will be driving an ambulance during the 3 days practical workshop. To get as much experience as you can, we recommend undertaking voluntary work experience to build your confidence. This is the perfect way to meet companies and organisations who provide patient transport services.

Doing so can build your network and dramatically improve your chances of securing work when you complete the course.

There are various organisations who are responsible for coordinating and providing staff for various events – from basic First Aid officers through to Intensive Care Paramedics. We can provide you with the contacts to organise this for yourself.

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certificate 111 in patient transport study timeline

What Does the Clinical Workshop Involve?

The 3 day face-to-face workshop included in the Certificate III course gives you the opportunity to learn directly from industry experts and qualified paramedics and connect with other students. You will have your questions answered by trained clinical instructors who are available to take your calls and answer any questions you may have as you progress through the training.


Patient Transport Officer Jobs

One of the biggest considerations in taking this course is the reality of finding a job at the end of it. One thing is for sure, patient transport jobs are on the rise. We are seeing more and more private companies like NPT in Victoria, expanding their services to NSW and WA, as well as developing new opportunities in Queensland. No matter where you live in Australia, if you are dedicated to developing a career in the sector, the opportunities to succeed are immense.

With this in mind, we have added links to real Patient Transport and Ambulance Attendant jobs that have been advertised on SEEK and other online jobs boards. Some of them may be out of date, however, they do show the requirements of the job as well as how much you can earn.

What You’ll Learn In This Course

The HLT31115 – Certificate III in Non-Emergency Patient Transfer will ensure you develop the base skill set required to enter the health care industry.


The curriculum covers:

  • Professional practice
  • Communication in complex situations within health or community services
  • How to recognise healthy body systems
  • Providing first aid to patients
  • Following safe work practices
  • Managing personal stress
  • Infection prevention and control policies and procedures
  • Transportation of non-emergency patients under operational conditions
  • Working with diverse people

There Are No Entry Requirements For This Course